The state of art is the one you provoke with the soul, express with your heart and is led by the intuitive self…

Recently I was asked if I have an artistic statement? That is quite an interesting question! The vast belief of myself (its my statement) is that I am inspired by my unicity, my soul, its passion and its leads.

An ‘inner push’ brought me in in 2017 to a spirit course in The Netherlands and after different courses mediumship, workshops my intuition brought me to a spirit class. First in the Netherlands in 2019 and in 2020 to the Albert Findlay institute once again but now only for the Spirit Art. As my soul began sparkling on the medium courses it really started glowing, sparkling and shining all together at the Spirit Art courses.

As I was quite a few years familiar with automatic writing (under MY HAPPY SOUL I launch these words at eleven Facebook pages and three groups and my websites (,, and ) I discovered and experienced that my abilities stretched further than only the writing with spirit.

Producing intuitive art gives me such pleasure, joy and satisfaction that I nowadays focus more on the art than on the writing. I still channel texts, make as much quotes to launch on the internet but my heart, soul and my everlasting passion lies in the artwork I may create.

I cannot say that I teached myself as the help of spirit is unconditionally there and they are most helpful to my development. As I never know which spirit draws with me I only know that the style differs one day to another and that my energy changes and even sometimes my language.

Grateful where I stand now today I try to touch others with the art and therefore I recently launched a mandala coloring book with all hand drawn mandalas. Drawn under high energy. This signature of my artwork is the main reason that I produce constantly… to touch others with the artwork.

I do not sell my art work yet, that is and will never be my goal, but touching others straight in their soul is my mission. With the art, the texts, the quotes and not at least with my pure, essential, authentic self and that is all what matters…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen