Quiet the mind

To quiet the mind these days with all that input from outside it is so difficult to set your mind on hold and to start feeling what is actually living inside yourself…

To feel whether you are currently happy, to feel you are living your passion or you don’t, are there dreams to be chased or even you can dive deeper and deeper and meet the authentic, essential you. But how is it possible to get your mind silenced so that you can feel or start feeling. These moments of prioritizing your needs in the stillness of self are so contributive towards your being, your self-awareness and life after all…

My consistent belief is that we don’t need guru’s, you do not need plenty of books, of courses to discover that inner sanctuary of stillness. Just take moments of standing still and try to shut that mind of yours off. Actually you can train this by coloring. To color your way in.

I draw with the universal energies and therefore I launched a Color your life – Coloring book for the soul to happify your life by finding a way to put your mind on hold in your, often, busy lives… This is not a drawing of the book. This is just a drawing you can print and start coloring.

Love, Irmgard????

Empowered by MY HAPPY SOUL
By Irmgard Daanen